We’re nearly half way

The tough course is taking its toll on the riders. Thomas Wildham has dropped out leaving Jason English with a good lead out front.

Craig still holding his position. Some say the real race starts now !

20120520-012835 AM.jpg

Party time in the arena

It’s midnight here in Finale Ligure and a live band have taken to the stage.

From the pits we can see many lights floating around the surrounding trails, and still hear much cheering as the riders battle their way around the tough course.

Craig still going strong.

20120520-120458 AM.jpg

4th Place – Great work

Pit row and the support crews being entertained by music from the main stage. Great atmosphere with the British teams.

Craig looking good and running in 4th.

20120519-104226 PM.jpg

Darkness falls

Night has fallen on the course… Pit crew fed and Craig has a fresh set of clothes. Temperature is dropping a little now.

He is still comfortable, and is locked in a battle for 3rd with RAAM fastest rookie of 2011 Matt Warner-Smith.

14.5 hours to go!

20120519-093806 PM.jpg